I've been tagged!

>> Friday, 24 October 2008

Actually I've been tagged twice, I just forgot that Chris tagged me a few weeks ago ... oops. Thanks Michele for tagging me! So here are 7 random bits of info about me:

1. I prefer X Factor to Strictly Come Dancing
2. The toilet paper ALWAYS has to come over the top of the roll. I will change it around wherever I am if its wrong!!
3. I'm quite a good cook, baking cakes is my speciality
4. I'm in the middle of decorating our bedroom; its only taking about 6 months!
5. I was advised to give up art and take another O level - apparently I wasn't creative!
6. I love to see my son's cloth nappies drying in the sunshine on the washing line
7. Tonight for my tea I'm having pizza, salad and creme brulee

Will post again later with a card!


Michele 25 October 2008 at 08:59  

I'm the same with the toilet roll. If someone changes the roll and the paper is coming underneath I have to turn it round. And whoever said that you weren't creative enough well they were very wrong weren't they :) Michele x

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